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Education in the kindergarten

Areas of Montessori pedagogy education

Imagine now how educational content is organized according to Montessori pedagogy.

At Montessori School, educational content is divided into five educational areas. These areas are:



Practical life

Education for practical life is an educational area that is very closely connected to the child’s everyday life and preparation for life and functioning in society. It leads children to independence, to develop self-care and body care and overall health. At the same time, it supports the development of gross and fine motor skills, interconnecting the two brain hemispheres, and thus supporting the healthy development of the child. They will learn to treat it very softly and quietly with different subjects, leading children to consideration and care for the environment and surroundings. Practical life activities serve also as a preparation for reading and writing in elementary school.


Sensorial education

Sensorial education helps children in pre-school age develop and deepen sensorial perception – sight, sense of hearing, touch, smell and taste and manipulation with objects. Sensorial material is not supposed to replace objects from life, it should serve only as a key to distinguishing and naming different aspects – such as shapes, colors, tactile senses, lengths and widths.

Language education

Language development is in itself a very complex process that also relates to other areas. Language development is conditioned by the following factors:

  • A) motor skills of a child (especially speaking motor skills)
  • B) perception (especially sight, hearing)
  • C) thinking
  • D) social environment (educational style, stimulating nature of the environment)

We use the genetic method to practice reading. Children learn the letters in a kindergarten in a natural and non-violent way. They work with teaching aids and materials in which they can perceive the differences between the letters by more senses and assign words to specific subjects.

Teaching language is used to discover the world from the beginning, that is why words and texts with interesting themes that make sense to children are already prepared for children in the kindergarten.

The beginning of writing is the best to capture the “explosion of writing” – when a child wants to write himself.

Improvement of fine hand motor skills takes place at kindergarten while working with specific materials. Materials supporting speech development and materials for reading and writing are related to material for cosmic education and they complement each other. Reading, writing and learning the language begin with children in the kindergarten and continue smoothly in elementary school.


The mathematical development of a person begins in the pre-natal period, since birth – not at school. The mathematical material in Montessori schools helps support this mathematical thinking and perception of the child in time.

The first stage of mathematics – meaningful and specific mathematical teaching aids and materials – lead children to “materialized abstraction” and work with them at kindergarten.

The task of this material is to convert unconscious and unstructured information into a structured system.

Mathematical tools for perception improvement serve to understand the patterns of the world and they support the child’s ingenuity.


Cosmic education

Through cosmic education, the child recognizes his own self, but he also discovers the entire world, along with his relationships. He recognizes his own family, city, country, but also the Solar System we are part of, and he discovers the circumstances of the origin of life on Earth. He also gets more into the life of plants and animals. Information gained from space education helps children understand the order of the world and find their own place in it. It is an integrative element of the entire pedagogical system.

Cosmic education in our concept represents the integration of topics from biology, zoology, botanics, geography, time and history, information about science, technology and art. Movement, musical, work and art skills and social topics are also included.

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