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Healthy eating


We care very much about what our children eat. Since the school year 2016/2017, we have changed the diet supplier for the quality diet.

Diet supplier

The food is delivered to the school from the PORG grammar school

PORG – Grammar and Elementary School, o.p., Lindnerova 517/3, 180 00 Praha 8 – Libeň – Regional Branch in Ostrava, registered office: Rostislavova 7, 703 00 Ostrava
Company ID: 625698117
Statutory authority – director: PaedDr. Dagmar Dluhošová
Authorized agent in the school cafeteria: Tomáš Neuvirt, jidelna@porg.cz, T: 608 418 884
Vladimír Křístek, jidelna@porg.cz, T: 608 418 884

The supplier has their own transport and the food is delivered directly into the kindergarten. For transport of the food, the kindergarten has own stainless steel containers and thermo-bins that are designed for this purpose. In the frame of the transport, the thermoboxes are located in the back of the car designed exclusively for food transport. The car space is cleaned at least twice a week to meet hygiene standards.

After transport, the food is transfered to the dispensary while meeting hygienic conditions, is placed in warm thermoports to maintain the temperature of the food.

Serving hatch

  • Food is served by a female employee (a cook) with a medical certificate.
  • The serving hatch is a separate room and is located in the kindergarten building.
  • The serving hatch is along with the dining room.
  • The dining room’s furnishings are tables and chairs that meet the requirements of the age group of children aged 3-6.
  • In this school year, we plan to launch a long-term project: ALL FIVE BROADCASES, which, besides education for proper nutrition, also deals with the leading of children to a healthy lifestyle. As a part of the project, kindergarten also works with parents of children and supports their interest in healthy eating of children in kindergarten. The project is built on a nationwide project supported by the Albert Foundation. You can find more about the project here: www.zdrava5.cz.



The chef works with the headmaster of the school to build a children’s menu. Their common goal is to compose a varied diet for children in order to comply with the standards, and at the same time to comply with the principles of healthy eating. The eating takes place directly at kindergarten. The MONTE kindergarten does not have own school kitchen, but has own serving hatch.

The school catering facility is equipped with modern technology. When preparing food, all hygienic regulations complying with EU standards are followed. Children’s meals are fully compliant with valid legislation, ensured by qualified staff and are subject to regular internal and external checks in the area of hygiene, financing and composition of the diet.


  • Children´s dining is a part which has a great deal of attention in our kindergarten.
  • Children are led to self-reliance in dining, appropriate social habits, and eating healthy food.
  • At the same time, their personal pace of eating, the amount of food that the child eats and the possible dislike of eating certain food is respected.
  • We do not force children to eat.

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