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By entering kindergarten, the child is going through the biggest change in her life.

From day to day, the child finds himself in an unfamiliar setting surrounded by a bunch of same-or-older boys and girls who feel just the same. His “working time” is often longer than their parents. Children often spend a great part of the day at kindergarten.

The child is replacing home for the unknown kindergarten environment, caring mother and a caregiving father for a teacher he does not know yet, and his attention must be shared with other children. At home, parents largely adapted to his needs, now they have to adapt themselves to the kindergarten regime and rules. If you want to make it easier for your child to attend kindergarten, follow its daily schedule and adapt it to kindergarten´s regime.


Make sure that your child copes with the following habits before attending kindergarten:

  • Manages the basics of hygiene at the toilet – goes to the toilet himself, uses toilet paper and flushes toilet (does not use diaper)
  • Eats with spoon alone (from 4.5 years old)
  • Drinks himself from the cup;
  • Washes hands and mouth with tap water separately; uses a towel;
  • Puts on the bottom piece of clothing;
  • Takes off the clothes himself and put them in the cabinet;
  • Uses a handkerchief itself;
  • Changes his slippers (handling changing the footwear on the outside is not needed);
  • Is aware of where his / her place for clothing (cabinet, shelf, etc.) is aware of his / her place – eg at the table
  • Awareness that every thing has its place, he can put things back in its place;

Before entering elementary school, the child must be examined by a pediatrician and properly vaccinated. We protect your child and other children from infection.

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