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Kindergarten schedule

How is the day going on in our kindergarten?

Indicative schedule of the organization of the day in our kindergarten. The timetable for each class is slightly different, depending on the specifics of each class and class´s plans differences.

7.00 – 8. 45 children’s arrival – spontaneous games and activities – individual work with Montessori teaching aids
8.00 dividing children into classes – transition to classrooms
8. 45 – 11. 30 gradual finishing of morning activities, musical moments – rhythmic and breathing exercises, singing, motion activities (before the morning snack – motion games, musical motion games, exercise moments) morning circle – meeting with children, welcoming, silence activities, etc. about 9 am) morning snack (approx. 9.00 – 9.30 am) – hygiene, self-service, self-preparation of snacks on the tray (children are preparing individually), observance of social rules for dining and cleanliness, cleaning – beginning and ending is always based on individual class´s conditions and children’s needs;

controlled activity – its length is adapted to the children´s age, their concentration and interest, it is based on the pre-school’s educational program – children are presented with activities from different educational areas of pre-school’s educational program and according to class educational program of particular class, eg Montessori activities (lessons with teaching aids, ellipse) , developing knowledge, artistic, working, musical, movement, intellectual, graphomotor activities and activities creating mathematical ideas, experiments and practical activities;

preparation for an outdoors stay – children try to get dressed themselves, gain self-service skills, teachers help with getting dressed

stay outdoors (usually approximately from 10.00 to 11.30 h depending on the weather, season, inversion, etc.) – in case of adverse weather conditions the period of stay may be shortened or canceled completely – activities in the school garden, seasonal activities (physical, environmental, follow-up to classes), walks to the surroundings of the kindergarten – forests, parks, etc.

11. 30 – 12.30 self-service and hygienic habits, setting the table before lunch – support for self-reliance, practicing the correct holding of the spoon and the whole cutlery, choosing the size of the serving, serving the food to the children, self-service while taking dishes, following the diet;

lunch serving – according to particular classes, class Benja (about 11:30, class Monte about 11:50)

12. 30 – 13. 00  the departure of children who leave home after lunch (individual leaving time is possible after prior arrangement with teachers), preparation for rest and relaxation on the bed;
 13. 00 – 14. 45 Rest, relaxation – reading a fairy tale, books to be continued, relaxing and resting activities on the bed, reading books, resting at the table in the loungers; self-service, changing clothes, hygiene, keeping dining, afternoon snack – according to each class; usually around 14:15 to 14:45; cleaning after meal, hygiene;
14.45 – 17.00 afternoon spontaneous games and activities according to individual classes – individual work with children, in suitable weather also possible to realize in the school garden, activities in interest groups, at 16:00 joining the classes in one classroom according to the number of children; gradual departure of children until 17.00;



  • Despite the framework schedule, each day in the school is different. After entering the class, children choose activities in one of the corners according to their interest, thus starting their free work. The morning starts with a circle on the ellipse.
  • During the morning, children are invited to the ellipse by pleasant tone. The children gradually meet the ellipse as they complete their work. Before all the children meet, time is filled with ellipse walking and listening to relaxing music..·
  • Children calm down, concentrate on themselves, and are better prepared for shared experiences. Together, the children welcome, share their experiences, enjoyment and sorrows, wish each other good morning and a nice day. At the ellipse, children can recite, sing, work on a common theme that emerges from the needs and interests of children. There are celebrations of holidays and birthdays. Also there are included games intended for the development of social relationships and behavior, games for the development of communication.
  • The next is free work with montessori teaching aids or controlled activity is put on – these activities are until the children leave outside, where they are mainly able to satisfy their natural need for movement. They deal with the observation of nature with an emphasis on environmental protection. After lunch, children enjoy a relaxing time with reading stories and relaxing music.
  • Children relax as needed. Afternoon activities are devoted to education and creative activities (art, work, music).


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