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The premises of our...

The kindergarten has large and well-equipped premises that meet hygienic and organizational conditions for pre-school education of children aged 2 to 6 years.

The premises of our kindergarten

  • Dvě třídy (80 m2 a 70 m2)
  • Two classrooms (80 m2 and 70 m2)
  • Two separate sleeping rooms-bedrooms (60 m2)
  • Two bathrooms (4 wash basins, 2 children’s toilets, 2x urinals, showers)
  • Dining room with a serving hatch
  • Two changing rooms with cabinets and shoe racks
  • GymGarden with an area of ​​180 m2

Garden of our kindergarten

In our kindergarten we have created an outdoor space for children, which serves both for the realization of environmental activities that follow-up the eaching, and for the fulfillment of the movement needs, rest and relaxation. We also haven´t forgotten the game elements.

The garden is created in a unified principle where all elements are from the same material (wood) and in a pleasant color matching. Children can take care of plants and small animals here. There are multiple sense impulses that children can use to explore different kinds of natural resources, space for movement and also theme play.

The garden is made up of educational, sporting and playing elements (with the required certification). You can find here a sensory walkway, plant-beds, insect quarters, a children’s house, a set with a slide, a sandpit, a train, a rope assembly with a climbing wall, balancing elements, swing with a horse motif etc. See photo documentation.

Naše dvě třídy

  • Two fully-equipped classrooms – playrooms.
  • Each classroom has conditions for hygiene and rest. Each room has a separate room with sunbeds for rest and relaxation.
  • The floor of both classrooms is covered with ecological material – marmoleum.
  • For dining, we have a dining room equipped with tables and chairs and storage areas for dishes. The dining room has its own kitchenette – with serving hatch and is equipped with the necessary dishes (trays, soup dishes, ladles, plates, bowls, cutlery)Each classroom has its own social facilities, a bathroom and a toilet, which include soap and towels.In addition to the classrooms, there are practical changing rooms with cabinets for changing.
  • In the classrooms there is specially prepared environment that leads to the spontaneous absorption of knowledge and the learning of cultural skills.


  • Both classrooms are equipped with specific open furniture and tools. Classroom equipment has natural colors, as well as toys and teaching aids are made of natural materials and are freely accessible to children. Furniture and teaching aids are adapted to the physical proportions of children. The furniture is anchored firmly to ensure safety.
  • The teaching aids are stored systematically in the shelves according to particular areas, they are aesthetic, pleasant to feel, attractive to children. They are safe, health-conscious and meet anthropometric requirements.
  • Each teaching aid has its permanent place. Toys and teaching aids are placed so that children themselves can reach them and use them for their activities.
  • Before a child picks up the teaching aid, he will spread the rug on the floor. Other children respect his working space and the fact that the child does not want to be disturbed.
  • Rugs lead children to tidiness, order and system by cleaning their work space as soon as a child completes the job. If the child wants to interrupt his job, he signs it with a name tag – he is responsible for the tools which are not cleaned up, and the others still respect his space and work. The teaching aid is only in one version, which leads children to develop tolerance and patience – waiting for a friend to complete the job. The teaching aids contain a control element. If there is a part which does not fit or is extra, the child recognizes a mistake and looks for a new solution.


  • Both classes are imaginatively divided into centers (corners) of activities. These centers are then equipped with appropriate teaching aids and materials.


Centers of activities

  • Center of practical life
  • Sensorial center
  • Language center
  • Math center
  • Cosmic education center


What you should know

  • In the middle of each classroom there is marked ELLIPSE which is used to practice concentration, silence and balance.
  • Each classroom also has its own working area for art and craft activities. Part of this section also includes aids for art and craft activities, and drawing horses.
  • Classrooms are also equipped for musical activities with piano or keyboards. Each classroom has its own CD player.

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