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Kindergarten that we are

The philosophy of our kindergarten

Motto: “The future lies in the child.”

“Whoever wishes a successful society must protect the child and observe the natural way in which he acts. The child is mysterious, powerful and contains the secrets of human nature. Whoever wishes to follow my method needs to understand that he cannot worship me but watch the child as his teacher. “

(Marie Montessori)


What is our kindergarten like?


We lead children to mutual respect and tolerance, perception and acceptance of differencies in personal qualities, abilities and opinions. We teach children good behavior towards all people in society, regardless their culture, appearance, opinions or behavior.


In our kindergarten we support the healthy development of the child, both through the application of Montessori pedagogy and in the overall approach we strive to fulfill all the physical, psychological, emotional and social children´s needs. We lead children to take care their own health and to realize the value of our health by customizing daily régime, eating, and also by practical activities leading to body and health care. We also provide healthy environment for children, as our school equipment also includes air-purifiers that provide clean and dust-free environment for them.


We create the conditions for children to feel safe, calm and well-being. We do not overload children with a lot of organized activities and groups. After more challenging activities, we allow them to have an adequate rest. We also prevent conflicts among children, and we can deal with the possible conflicts.


We work with children´s parents and many other institutions. We welcome new ideas, initiatives and opportunities that develop and enrich the life of children in  our kindergarten. We teach children to behave openly, to ask and to freely express their opinions and wishes.


We consider the spontaneous children’s play to be the most important activity in a kindergarten. We organize the children’s programme so that there is enough time for the free children´s play in the classroom and outdoors. Most toys and classroom aids are freely available to children, so they can choose activities according to their wishes and ideas. We are looking for unconventional toys and aids, that are close to nature and develop children’s fantasy.


We develop friendly relationships among children, we teach them to communicate without ristraints with children and adults, and we teach them to listen to others. We cooperate, respect common rules, help each other.


We develop children’s playfulness and creativity in all forms, not only in artistic, working, musical, and dramatic activities. We encourage children´s creative thinking and independence, as their unconventional ideas. We are looking for new activities, we use all the interesting offers and possibilities.


We lead children to a responsible relationship with the social and natural environments surrounding them. We show them and teach them how they can influence the world around them. We want to discover, help, protect and save all living and inanimate together.

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