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Rules for pupils´evaluation


“The one who is able to identify and control his own mistakes gains more independence and confidence.”

(Marie Montessori)


At Montessori School, the work and activity of the child are not evaluated in terms of comparison with other children or the ranking of performances.

The evaluation method builds on the child’s work from internal motivation, helps to self-assess, enables the child to be successful and to get involved without fear of failure.

The method of evaluating children is based on the adult’s approach (parent, teacher, etc.) to the child, within a kind, partnership approach that creates space for the child to:

  • recognize his strengths and weaknesses, possibilities and borders;
  • able to estimate his strengths and abilities;
  • realizing what is pleasant to him – what is unpleasant and how to show it to others appropriately;
  • learn to plan for further learning and improvement paths;
  • choose his effective and reliable ways of learning

A child learns to meet his own needs from discovering a new one and is guided to own evaluation of his work. Instead of offering rewards and praise, children are encouraged to compare their work with the criteria, learning to find their own mistakes and the way to correct them. The teacher works with praise appropriately – in such a way that the child does not depend on praise, star, reward, and mark; not to do the job to satisfy the adult´s concepts so as not to be afraid of the mistake and the feeling of inferiority. The teacher uses the praise differentiatedly with new and insecure children to create a sense of security and safety.


In our school we use the following forms of assessment:

  • WRITTEN EVALUATION – Oral and written form – Oral continuous assessment of pupils, evaluation in the form of letters to the pupil, final assessment, which is also used for the certificate;
  • SELF-EVALUATION – a tool for evaluating pupils’ personal progress;
  • EVALUATION LEVEL defined by letters A – F – this is a gradual transition (intermediate) between classification and verbal evaluation;
  • PUPIL´S EVALUATION – the personal component of the pupil and the file, which includes selected work from individual subjects recording individual progress of the pupil and pupil’s understanding and application of the curriculum;

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