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School´s price list

The school fee is paid to our primary school by non-cash transfer to the account of the primary school or by the cash payment to the school accountant, not later than the 25th day of the month for the following month. For organizational reasons, however, we prefer non-cash payments. Along with a school tuition parents also pay for meals.

Bank account: account number: 2400573114/2010

School fee price list

  • The school fee is calculated per 1 child / pupil
  • The school fee is calculated to cover the operating and wage costs of primary school
  • The school fee is calculated on the basis of the state subsidy to the school
  • The school fee is set for a monthly payment
  • The school fee does not include meals

Current price list:

Maximum number of children in one class Type of class School fee
v Kč /1 dítě
After school care fee
10-15 1st to 5th class CZK 6.390,- CZK 0,-
5 6th to 9th class CZK 6.390,- CZK 0,-

Meals pricelist

  • Children’s meals are not included in the school fee and are paid separately according to the use of catering service.
  • Meals are provided by the company:

Price of the meal includes full-day meals for a pupil in primary school, including afternoon snacks in the after school care and drinking regime. The amount of the meal is different depending on the pupil’s age (differentiation is determined by different nutritional values and weight of food). A part of the cost of transport of food to primary school is included in the price.

Full-day diet includes:

  • Morning snack, drink, fruit, vegetables
  • Lunch, drink, dessert
  • Afternoon snack, drink, fruit, vegetables
Morning snack, drink, fruit and vegetables  21,- Kč
Lunch, drink, dessert  40,- Kč
Afternoon snack, drink  20,- Kč

Amount of meal for a pupil for 1 day:

Important information:

  • Parents are required to report a week in advance (ie no later than Friday before 8.30 pm of the previous week) whether the child will be in the primary school.
  • You must always check out the next day before 8.30 am.
  • On a given day, it is no longer possible to unsubscribe, so the parents will pick up the child´s meal at school.
  • Dish is paid in the form of monthly direct debits.
  • Statement will be issued on 30 June and 31 December of the given school year.

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