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Afterschool care


  • The after school care (hereinafter referred to as “ŠD”) provides children content of their free time in the afternoon before leaving home or starting other leisure activities. It is filled with activities related to relaxation, recreation, leisure activities, entertainment.
  • The timing and organization of the ŠD activity is governed by the requirements of psychohygiene. We strive to promote the healthy, physical, mental, and social development of the child.
  • Children come to school with increased fatigue from classes. At this time there is an increased need for movement as compensation for resting learning activities.
  • The after school care has the same entrance and dressing room as the primary school. The operation of ŠD takes place in the premises of the 1st and 2nd year classroom (ie on the 1st floor of the school building).
  • The after school care continues in school education, children can use the material facilities of the classroom premises (1st and 2nd year spaces). They can use work center activities (eg kitchen, math center, language center, etc.). The ŠD has shelves defined in the classroom where are the didactic materials, constructive kits, social games, etc. placed, that children need for their leisure activities. Everything is placed so that children can take and store them separately and are confident in storing them. We have established rules for their use (see link to primary schools).
  • For the development of reading skills, children use not only books in the after school care, but also a library.
  • For group activities, children can use carpet in the class or hexagonal tables. These tables are also used for art and work activities. The after school care has a separate material background for art activities – crayons, waxes, paints, papers,
  • We use a CD player for listening.
  • For physical and sports activities ŠD uses a gym that belongs to the primary school premises. Entrance to the gym is separate, from the outside – from the parking lot and the school playground.
  • Outdoor space belonging to school can also be used for physical and sport activities. The paved area of ​​the playground and the grassy area next to the school building.
  • Sanitary facilities use ŠD as the first class. It is next to the classroom. Sanitary facilities have a separate section for boys and girls. There is also a separate section for teachers and educators.
  • Children entering after school care participate in the decoration of the common areas of the school – the corridor, the dressing room, the dining room and the classroom.

OPERATION OF ŠD at Primary School:

  • only on working days, during the schooling period, usually from 1st September to 31st of the school year (ŠD is not opened at the free time set by the headmaster, during public holidays, at the time of holidays)
  • from 12:00 to 17:30.
  • number of departments: 1
  • age of pupils accepted: from 6 to 11 years
  • capacity of ŠD: 30 pupils
  • number of educators: 1

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