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Our kindergarten was sponsored by these companies and individuals

Legal services and nursery counseling         Ammount
ROKA steel, s.r.o.     40 000 Kč
Ing. Radan Jünger   280 000 Kč
Doc. Ing. Jiří Cienciala, CSc.     50 000 Kč
Advokátní kancelář Mgr. Lenka Čížová legal services and nursery counseling
METAL FAKTOR, s.r.o. Payment of safety system at school
DT Logistic Improvement of the ground surface of the school garden
Doc. RNDr. Vladimír Krajčík, Ph.D.     20 000 Kč
Ing. Jaroslav  Beneš       4 000 Kč
EXÉRIA s.r.o.       8 000 Kč
Mgr. Lenka Čížová       5 000 Kč

  • Enrollment – 4th April, 16th April

    The enrollment for the school year 2019/2020 4. 4. 2019 16. 4. 2019 Time: 15.00 – 17.00 Come with a child.  In case your date or time does not match, please contact us at 739 527 100 or at info@montessoriostrava.cz Capacity for children is limited.  More information about enrollment.

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  • EVERYTHING you need to know about us IN 5 MINUTES

    Is this your first time here? Great! We have prepared a microsite for you that will reveal everything essential about our school and kindergarten within 5 minutes. You will find out: how we teach how we develop skills jak to u nás probíhá what our parents think about us Let’s start.

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