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Mgr. Radka Pardubická     (class teacher)
E-mail: radka.pardubicka@montessoriostrava.cz

Bc. Magdaléna Kašpárková 
E-mail: magdalena.mutinova@montessoriostrava,cz

Bc. Sandra Potoková (zástup)


Bc. Zuzana Danišová        (class teacher)
E-mail: zuzana.danisova@montessoriostrava.cz

 Bc. Kristýna Ilková 
Email: kristýna.ilková@montessoriostrava.cz



Jitka Palarčíková, secretary
E-mail: jitka.palarcikova@montessoriostrava.cz

Šárka Pullmannová, kitchen
E-mail: sarka.pullmannova@montessoriostrava.cz

Rudolf Brinžák, staff

  • Enrollment – 4th April, 16th April

    The enrollment for the school year 2019/2020 4. 4. 2019 16. 4. 2019 Time: 15.00 – 17.00 Come with a child.  In case your date or time does not match, please contact us at 739 527 100 or at info@montessoriostrava.cz Capacity for children is limited.  More information about enrollment.

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  • EVERYTHING you need to know about us IN 5 MINUTES

    Is this your first time here? Great! We have prepared a microsite for you that will reveal everything essential about our school and kindergarten within 5 minutes. You will find out: how we teach how we develop skills jak to u nás probíhá what our parents think about us Let’s start.

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