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When a child does not want to...

Under the wraps of “Proven Recipes” 

Already Maria Montessori knew that the child was such a mature creature that he knew what was good for him at that moment and at that time. 

If a child does not want to eat food or food at any time, it is because his body does not need it during the given period. It does not mean, however, that children at Montessori School only get what they want but are not forced into food. Sometimes the child does not eat that food just because he does not know it.

In order for the child to eat and know the food he must be presented at least 11 times.  And that’s what our teachers know, so the child always tastes the meal at least.

We eat healthy in our school, thinking about the composition of the menu.

  • Enrollment – 4th April, 16th April

    The enrollment for the school year 2019/2020 4. 4. 2019 16. 4. 2019 Time: 15.00 – 17.00 Come with a child.  In case your date or time does not match, please contact us at 739 527 100 or at info@montessoriostrava.cz Capacity for children is limited.  More information about enrollment.

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    Is this your first time here? Great! We have prepared a microsite for you that will reveal everything essential about our school and kindergarten within 5 minutes. You will find out: how we teach how we develop skills jak to u nás probíhá what our parents think about us Let’s start.

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